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A Man of God:
Tafsir of Surah Luqman

Saturdays at 6:00 PM EST

Instructor: Shaykh Abdullah Waheed 

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What will you learn?

  • Analyze the selected verses of Surah Luqman with a focus on Luqman’s life.

  • Understand the context and significance of Luqman’s advice to his son.

  • Apply the lessons from Surah Luqman to personal development and ethical living.


Shaykh Abdullah Waheed was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. He commenced his studies at the age of ten when he went to Toronto, Canada to memorize the Quran. He completed the memorization of the Holy Quran by the tender age of thirteen and then went on to study in the seven-year extensive Shariah program in Toronto, Canada. Shaykh Abdullah then continued his research and studies by traveling to countries like Pakistan, Kuwait, and England.

Shaykh Abdullah specializes in the Tafseer of the Quran. He spent years studying the details and beauty of our Holy book in order to understand and master its language. Shaykh Abdullah is a co-founder and instructor at Miftaah Institute as well as the Director of Islamic Affairs at Flint Islamic Center. Shaykh Abdullah travels across North America for khutbas, workshops, and seminars. He is known for his motivational and enthusiastic style of speaking, which leaves the audience desiring to better themselves.



This course offers an in-depth study of select verses from Surah Luqman, focusing on the life of Luqman and his advice to his son. It includes tafsir of these verses, exploring their timeless wisdom and guidance for leading a righteous life.


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