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Inevitable Delights & Horrors:
Life In The Grave

Thursdays at 6:00 PM EST

Instructor: Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed 

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What will you learn?

• The nature of the soul (Rūh) and its relation with the body in the grave

• The delights of the grave that await the believers and the horrors that await the transgressor

• Actions to protect ourselves from the torment of the grave

• Balancing between fear and hope, and how to prepare for the life in grave without despairing in the mercy of Allah ﷻ


Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed started his studies at Al-Ihsan institute located in Vancouver, B.C. He specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence and Iftā’ under his professors, while simultaneously teaching Fiqh and Hadith in the same school. During this time period, he also served as a Kateeb and lecturer in the province of British Columbia.  Mufti Abdul Wahab is a Co-founder at Miftaah Institute as well as a Co-Founder and Director at Michigan Islamic Institute.



We are well-Informed about our lives, our homes, our encounters as well as the people we experience them with, but how informed are we of the life of the grave that awaits us? What is our belief in terms of the grave, the questioning, and its rewards and horrors? What are the circumstances of the inhabitants of the grave and what do they experience? 

Join Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed this Ramadan as he shares what our Prophet ﷺ told us about the life in the grave. This class will be full of insights from the Qur’an, hadith, and stories of the pious predecessors so our hardened hearts may become soft and receptive to the words of Allah ﷻ and His beloved Messenger ﷺ and we prepare for the inevitable life in the grave.


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